Notice 05/12/2020

Welcome to Vermillion County

Notice 05/12/2020

Seal Public Notice

The Vermillion County Commissioners have moved to re-open County Government by appointment only. Appointments are at the discretion of the Office Holder/Department Head.  If you need to visit multiple offices, you will need to make an appointment with each individual office. Everyone will be screened before entering. Face Masks are mandatory. Physically distancing yourself from others is mandatory. Those over 65 or at risk are asked to stay home during this phase. If you have any questions call Auditor Amy Tolbert at 765-492-5300.

Assessor 765-492-5310

Auditor 765-492-5300

Child Support 765-492-5376

Circuit Court 765-492-5320

Clerk’s Office 765-492-5350

Economic Development 765-492-9153

Emergency Management 765-832-5500

Extension/4-H 765-492-5330

Health department 765-832-3622

Highway Dept 765-492-3330

Probation Department 765-492-5385

Prosecutor 765-492-5370

Recorder 765-492-5380

Soil & Water 765-492-3705

Surveyor 812-208-2867

Treasurer 765-492-5360

Vermillion County Sheriff 765-492-3737

Veterans Service Officer 765-492-5346

Victim’s Assistance 765-492-5379

Zoning/Area Plan 765-492-5343