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Vermillion County Assessor’s Office

255 Main St.

Room 203

P.O. Box 268

Newport, IN 47966

Assessor: Paige Kilgore Level III Certified Indiana Assessor/Appraiser

1st Deputy: Angie Johnson Level III Certified Indiana Assessor/Appraiser

2nd Deputy: Joanie Klotz Level II Certified Indiana Assessor/Appraiser

Phone (765) 492-5310 Fax (765) 492-5311

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Property Assessment In Indiana

The primary function of the Assessor’s Office is to assess ALL real and personal property. The county assessor also serves as secretary to the Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals (PTABOA). It is our job to accurately, uniformly and equitably assess each parcel in accordance to Indiana Law. The State Legislature sets the rules and assessor’s follow them.

Indiana is a market value in use state. This simply means that we assess according to use. Our goal each year as determined by the Indiana Department of Local Government (DLGF) is to estimate the taxable market value of each parcel. This means that our assessments should be a good indicator of what a person’s real estate would bring IF it were for sale out on the open market.

All counties in Indiana use a method called “Mass Appraisal” to help determine estimates of value. Neighborhoods of similar type properties are identified into specific groups. Recent sales in those neighborhoods are evaluated to help in identifying trends of value for each neighborhood. Mass Appraisal is more cost effective than an individual appraisal for each parcel.

January 1st is the assessment date for both real and personal property. The assessor’s office here in Vermillion County has made the decision to notify taxpayers of assessment changes. Notices of Assessments (Form 11 or F-11) are mailed out each year to inform the taxpayer of a change in value. Just because a value may rise or fall is not an indicator that your tax liability will raise or fall.

If a property owner does not agree with their assessment, they have the right to file an appeal (Form 130). The taxpayer will need to provide market evidence to support their claim. Be sure to pay attention to all deadlines as this can gravely affect the outcome. Your friendly Assessor’s Office will help get you started on the right foot.

Property Record Cards (PRC) on each parcel are available to the public and have been added to the GIS website.

Tips for a Successful Appeal


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