Welcome to Vermillion County

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Vermillion County Auditor’s Office
Courthouse 2nd Fl.
255 S. Main Street
PO Box 190
Newport, IN  47966-0190

Auditor: Brenda Furry
Chief Deputy: Kylee Yocum
Claims: Hope Grubbs
Payroll/Insurance/HR: Leigh Ann Smith
Property Deputies: Christina Miller and Jenny Sloan

Phone (765) 492-5300

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The auditor, a Constitutional Office, must wear many hats. The following attempts to categorize the most important duties of the office.

The auditor serves as a secretary to the board of county commissioners and the clerk to tthe county council.
The auditor has responsibility for keeping accounts and issuing checks for the county.
As a result, the board of commissioners, the council and other officials often look to the auditor for day-to-day operational assistance, information and advice.

Coordinator of Tax Collection and Distribution
The auditor is directly responsible for preparing tax duplicates that show the value of property and taxes assessed for each taxpayer.

After taxes are collected by the treasurer, the auditor distributes them to the governmental units and agencies for which they were collected.

As a part of the tax function, the auditor must also prepare plats that show the ownership and assessed valuation of each parcel in each township in the county. The plats must contain information prescribed by the Department of Local Government Finance and must be kept current.

Sales Disclosure fee: $20.00 as of July 1, 2021 (Download Required Form)
Exempt Sales Disclosure fee: Free
Transfer fee: $10.00 Per Parcel (See Ordinance)
State DLGF Forms
Taxpayer Calculators
State Auditors Site


MORTGAGE EXEMPTION: This exemption is no longer available IF you have the mortgage exemption on your property, it will no longer show on your tax bills for 2023 pay 2024. The Homestead Exemption however, is increasing by $3,000.00.

Tax Districts
001 Clinton Township
002 Clinton City
003 Fairview
004 Universal
005 Eugene
006 Cayuga
007 Helt Township
008 Dana
009 Highland Township
010 Perrysville
011 Vermillion
012 Newport

Deed Transfer information and policies:

   1. All Sales Disclosures accompanying a deed must be approved by the Assessor first.
   2. All deeds must be processed in our office before going to the Recorder for filing.
   3. All deeds require certain information due to statutory guidelines.
   4. All delinquent property taxes need to be paid on parcels being split or combined per IC 6-1.1-5-5.5

*All taxpayers are responsible for paying property taxes even if they do not receive a bill in the mail*

Policy for combining parcels for tax purposes:

   1. All delinquent property taxes must be paid before parcels can be combined.
   2. The parcels must touch each other and cannot be separated by another parcel or public right of way.
   3. Title to parcels must have been obtained on the same deed and be held in exactly the same name.
   4. The parcels cannot cross section boundaries (IC 6-1.1-5-16)
   5. The parcels must be in the same taxing district.

*Filing a request does not guarantee the parcel will be combined.
*Combinations will be done for the following assessment year.
*Combining parcels may not affect the value that will be placed on your property for tax purposes.
*To legally combine property you will need to have a deed with a new legal description prepared

Policy for Splitting parcels per IC 32-21-2-13

   1.    All splits of existing parcels must be recorded with a drawing or survey of where the new parcel will be located. Acreage of the new parcel and if improvements exist on the property.

Ashley James (President)
Tammie Brown
Neil Costello
Martin Brown
Kelly Summerville
Rick Weir
Jeff Bose

Tim Yocum  (President)
Ronald “RJ” Dunavan Jr.
Britton Luther