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Local Coordinating Council for a Drug-Free Vermillion County

The Vermillion County LCC meets on the 1st THURSDAY of each month at 12:00 PM at the Vermillion County Courthouse with a summer break of July and August where we do not meet.

Vision Statement: What is your Local Coordinating Council’s vision statement?

The vision of the Local Coordinating Council for a Drug-Free Vermillion County is to promote healthy lifestyle patterns among Vermillion County residents and to make a positive difference in the area of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use (ATOD) issues.

Mission Statement: What is your Local Coordinating Council’s mission statement?

The mission of the Local Coordinating Council for a Drug-Free Vermillion County is to reduce the prevalence of problems associated with alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use(ATOD). The healthy development of our citizens is being threatened by the problems and challenges of ATOD use, including mental health/suicide, in today’s culture.

Community Information: Census 2010 records there were 16,210 residents in Vermillion County in 2010 according to (11-26-19) states Vermillion County’s 2018 estimated population to be 15,479. There are 7 towns in Vermillion County: Clinton with the largest population of 4717, Newport is the county seat, Dana, Cayuga, Perrysville, Universal and Fairview Park. According to (11-26-19) state the following breakdown of ethic diversity – 97.5% Caucasian/White, 1.3% Hispanic, 0.5% Black, 0.3% Asian, 0.4% American Indian and Alaska Native, 0.1% Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander, and 1.3% identified by Two or More Races.

Clinton city’s population is 4717 and Vermillion County’s 2018 annual unemployment rates were 05.5% with Indiana unemployment rates at 3.4% according to (11-26-19). Vermillion County consists of 2 school corporations which are North Vermillion School Corporation and South Vermillion Community Schools Corporation. Estimated combined school enrollment ages 5-17 for 2018/2019 is 2,427 according to (11-26-19). Law enforcement includes Vermillion County Sheriff’s Departement, Cayuga, Dana and Fairview Park Town Marshals and Clinton City Police Department.

Summary of the Comprehensive Community Plan:  The LCC spent time at each monthly meeting over the 11 months (2019) following the guidance of the Comprehensive Community Plan.  The LCC reviewed the problem statements, objectives and goals of the Comprehensive Community Plan to assure the mini-grants funded were in accordance to what Strategic Prevention Framework planning revealed and determine the problems in the county.  This Comprehensive Community Plan has been developed to reduce specific problems found in the county.

Comprehensive Community Plan

Vermillion County LCC Meetings

Local Coordinating Council for a Drug Free Vermillion County

Every month on the First Thu, except July and August

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