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03/18/2020 – Corona Virus (COVID-19) Concerns and Actions for Vermillion County Government.

The Commissioners, per the recommendation of Dr. Albright, have closed the county offices to the public (excluding health dept). They suggest only essential business be dealt with in person and that is up to the discretion of each office holder or department head. The public can only enter if they have an appointment. Each office holder will greet the taxpayer/client at the WEST courthouse doors, escort them to the office and then back to the west doors. No other office visits allowed without an appointment already made. 

Please do not visit a county office if you have any type cold or flu symptoms or have had a fever recently.

Tim Wilson, Commissioner President.

Any questions or concerns, please call or email Auditor Brenda Furry. 765-492-5300 or Contact Form

Probation: All Probationer’s that report weekly will need to call the office instead of coming in.  All that have appointments please call the office at 765-492-5385.

Vermillion Co Jail: All inmate visitations, classes/programs provided by individuals from the outside are suspended until further notice. To leave commissary money, use: and phone time funds: Call (765) 492-3838 or 492-3737 or Contact Form.

Vermillion Circuit Court: Please check with the court or your attorney before visiting the courthouse. If you cannot make contact with your attorney and have not been notified of changes, please call the Court: 765-492-5320

Advice for public from the World Health Organization

For the latest information from the CDC visit the COVID-19 website

Get information from the Vermillion County Health Department.

Official information from the Indiana Department of Health